The Ground Systems Architectures Workshop (GSAW) 2019

"Building Capacity of NextGen Technology Professionals through STEM Programs"

Destination SPACE founders, Kathy Dooley and Dr. DeWayne Cecil, along with interns Austin Gleydura and Lauren Ballard, attended GSAW during February 28th, 2019. Their goal was to network with companies attending the conference as well as  discuss the next steps in addressing challenges in STEM education. Kathy Dooley and Dr. DeWayne Cecil served on a panel with Austin Gleydura and Lauren Ballard.

Miles Space, 2018

August trip to visit Team Miles

In August, Dr. Cecil traveled with our interns, Lauren and Austin, to visit Team Miles and help build their Deep Space CubeSat. Lauren and Austin have been interns with Miles Space throughout the summer, but this was their first time meeting in person. 

"We helped Team Miles integrate a mockup of the STEM sensor suite into the CubeSat. We also helped dry fit various sensors, such as the plasma probe, star tracker, and the micrometeorite detector. By doing this we were able to verify if the components fit correctly or not, and to determine a procedure for the final integration next year. Also we got a tour of their facilities and all of the equipment they have, such as their vacuum chamber, and their ground station setup. We also got to tour the Tampa Hackerspace down the street." - Austin


Satellite Week 2018

A week of learning!

In 2018, Satellite Week moved from a day program at The Collider to a residential camp at the University of North Carolina Asheville (UNCA). Students lived in college dorms as they learned about satellites, weather, and climate in an interactive environment. The most memorable parts of camp included launching water bottle rockets, soldering and racing JiggyBots, and launching sensors on weather balloons. We also made time for basketball, kickball, and indoor games that kept us moving and laughing all week.

We were lucky enough to have two 2017 Satellite Week students, Austin Gleydura and Lauren Ballard, back as mentors. They provided technical support, photography skills, creative activities, and endless energy throughout the week. 


GSAW, March 2018

Ground Station Architectures Worksop

The 2017-18 Destination SPACE - ThinSat students from Nesbitt Discovery Academy (NDA) submitted an abstract to the 2018 Ground Systems Architectures Workshop (GSAW) in CA. Based on that abstract, GSAW, which was organized by the Aerospace Corp. and co-sponsored by NASA and NOAA, opened an evening session to specifically address STEM programs. In March 2018, four of the NDA ThinSat students were selected to travel to Los Angeles with ​Dr. Cecil to attend the 22nd Annual Ground Systems Architecture Workshop and present their work at the evening session. 

Students were exposed to professional writing, and presenting and gained an experience in networking, public speaking, and leadership all which are invaluable soft skills that they will benefit from regardless of their chosen career path.​ While at the workshop, students were able to attend keynote addresses concerning the real world application of subjects that they are learning about as part of the ThinSat program. Topics as the conference ranged from Space to Ground Communications and Data Analytics to Cyber Security.  


Satellite Week 2017

Inaugural Space Camp

During the first annual Satellite Week in August 2017, students created their own remote sensors, launched weather balloons, and conducted their own independent research. We explored the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI), the weather station at the Grove Arcade, and students were able to present their work in front of established scientists at The Collider (a climate solutions center).


The Great American Eclipse

AMOS Festival in Downtown Asheville

Destination SPACE joined forces with the Asheville Museum of Science to celebrate the moon blocking the sun! Visitors packed Pack Square to view the natural wonder while stopping by booths and filling their minds with amazing space facts.