The Ground Systems Architectures Workshop (GSAW) 2020

"Satellite Data Analytics and Applications; Building Capacity for Data Exploitation and Utilization through STEM"

Destination SPACE, Inc. co-founder Kathy Dooley along with our Deep Space program students Duncan, Eve, Hunter, and Isabella and teachers Mr. Tucker and Ms. Parker, attended GSAW 2020 in Los Angeles, California. They gave a special luncheon plenary presentation about their experiences with Destination SPACE, including Satellite Week, the ThinSat Program, and the Deep Space CubeSat mission. 

All four students did a fantastic job presenting and answering questions. Their presentation was followed by an evening technical exhibit, where students had in-depth discussions with scientists and engineers from various aerospace companies. Students had the opportunity to talk about their specific interests and career aspirations, gain advance from professionals in the aerospace field, and learn about future internships. We all left GSAW filled with more knowledge, inspiration, connections, and excitement to continue learning!