The Ground Systems Architectures Workshop (GSAW) 2020

"Satellite Data Analytics and Applications; Building Capacity for Data Exploitation and Utilization through STEM"

Destination SPACE, Inc. founders Dr. DeWayne Cecil & Kathy Dooley along with our Deep Space program students Duncan, Eve, Hunter, and Isabella will be attending GSAW 2020 in Los Angeles, California. will give a  special luncheon plenary presentation about their experiences with Destination SPACE, Inc., including Satellite Week and the Deep Space CubeSat mission. They will discuss the importance of utilization of data in the STEM education field.

The students will demonstrate the architecture and application of ground station interfaces across all of the Destination SPACE programs as well as present unique STEM opportunities in engineering and design of satellite payloads and ground systems integration. The student led discussion will focus on data exploitation methods and the resulting science and applications.